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Music for Pet Rock Fest 2023

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Jennifer Tefft and the Strange

2021 Winner of the New England Music Awards "Female Performer of the Year," Jennifer Tefft is a fired-up, energizing presence that creates earthy music from its roots and breathes fresh, soulful, rock and roll life into them. Her music combines intense rhythms with melancholy textures and haunting vocals that wind easily from darkly ethereal to outspoken, creating her own brand of Gritty-Lush Alternative Rock.


After getting her start playing for change in the subways and streets of Cambridge, MA, Jennifer Tefft met guitarist John Parrillo and they quickly began writing and playing together as a duo.  Following several years playing the circuit in Boston and Cambridge, they released their first CD "Dig This Thing" along with bass player Jeff St. Pierre and drummer Phil Antoniades.  They soon hit the road playing shows along the Eastern seaboard and the Midwest. Since then they have gone on to release four more CDs on Tefft's own Gypsy Spin Music label. 

Tefft has shared the stage with a diverse range of artists, from Aerosmith, Warrant & Quiet Riot to Sarah McLachlan, Missing Persons,  Grant Hart & The Sheila Divine to Ellis Paul and many others. 


The Odd Couple

Veteran musicians Brian Martin (guitar) and Jim Provencher (bass) drill out rock 'n' roll, blues, country, oldies and all-around fun tunes from the '50s, '60s and '70s. 


Headliner - Ricky Duran

Ricky Duran garnered international attention with his soulful vocals, fiery guitar playing and compelling performances on NBC’s The Voice. The Season 17 Runner-Up has since released a full album entitled "Space & Time," which charted at No. 1 on iTunes. 


The 33-year-old Worcester native and graduate of Berklee School of Music is a versatile artist with powerful vocals and an electrifying stage presence that entertains crowds all over the country. His vulnerable songwriting resonates with listeners across genres and has catapulted him to the top of songwriting charts, including recognition as a fan-favorite when he won the People’s Choice award in the International Songwriter Contest in 2022 for “She Closed Her Eyes."


Ricky’s album Space & Time has also been recognized as one of the top New England albums of 2022 by Worcester Magazine.  


Lee Totten

Boston singer/songwriter Lee Totten has performed nearly 1400 shows over two decades as an artist, bringing his introspective, upbeat acoustic/rock/punk/folk songs and stories to audiences from Boston to Los
Angeles and everywhere in between. He has appeared with acts like The Offspring, Third Eye Blind, and Everclear, showcased at the Boston Music Festival, Philadelphia Music Conference and the Burlington Music Festival, and been nominated for a number of local and regional music awards.


His music has appeared on
The Today Show, The Oxygen Network, KTLA, National Public Radio and even a Pauly Shore film.


And yet he is perhaps best known for "The Jager Song," a drinking song about the hazards of the German liquor that became a regional hit in New England and permanently earned him the moniker "Jager Guy."

Lee plays Takamine Guitars and uses Jim Dunlop strings and picks. And still drinks a lot of Jagermeister.

Office Party Band_edited.jpg

Office Party

Office Party is a Worcester-based band with a unique perspective on music. Members are Gary Chadwick (explosive harp blues man, fronted Maui Blues opened for blues legends), Brian Grady (got his blues education at Gilreins, self-taught lead guitarist who adds a unique “color texture”, co-founder of Office Party), Mike Church (tickling the ivories for 60 years, played with the famous & infamous), Joe LaJoie (one of the finest drummers in Worcester, jazz sensibilities & the backbone of OP), Eric Pearson (founder of OP, with Joe, lay down a solid bass foundation, vocals, provides a unique twist on the blues & 60’s rock). The band performs at community events, private parties, & the occasional local watering hole. Oh, and Pet Rock Fest 2023!

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