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About Pet Rock Festival

The Pet Rock Festival is an annual event held on the Sunday after Labor Day weekend, in September each year. It is an afternoon expo/festival that includes live music, vendors,food, contests, and most importantly, more than 150 animal organizations broadcasting their causes.

Proceeds from the festival are distributed to Massachusetts-based animal welfare organizations, including shelters, cruelty watchdogs and rescue leagues. Regular recipients of our festival include Red Rover/KIND News, Foster Parrots, Animal Legal Defense Fund, Maple Farm Sanctuary and the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA), to name but a few. $1,000, $500 and $250 awards are also handed to rescue groups and shelters that win our coveted “lottery” and “adoptable dog parade” during the festival.


Pet Rock Fest has distributed thousands to worthy animal causes in New England. We’ve also given to groups such as Mass. Vest-A Dog, Dog Orphans, the Community Cat Center, the Worcester Animal Rescue League and the Second Chance Animal Shelter.

Pet Rock Fest is not only a huge animal event, but a year-round endeavor to educate, promote and communicate with people the importance of treating animals with kindness. Our Web site,, has become a general meeting place for concerned animal lovers to unite and share information and thoughts. On this site, we post animal news, link to important animal related sites, update you on our upcoming festival and most importantly, provide a forum for folks to chat. Please visit our site and communicate with us, and others, often. Get involved. Learn more. And remember, they can’t talk, so we will.

Email petrockfest@gmail with any questions or concerns.

Charlene Arsenault 508-832-8918

Jeannie Hebert 508-845-8051

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